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( effective of Aug 20st, 2014 )

All- Ceramics Implant Package
E. max Titanium Abutment
Monolithic Emax - Full Contour 8~10 days TI w/ Monolithic Zirconia 13~15 days
Posterior Layered Emax 8~10 days TI w/ PFM SEMI Crown 13~15 days
Anterior Layered Emax 8~10 days TI w/ Monolithic Emax 13~15 days
Emax inlay/onlay 8~10 days TI w/ Layered Emax Crown 13~15 days
Emax Layered Veneers 8~10 days TI w/ Layered Zirconia Crown 13~15 days
Zirconia Zirconia Abutment
Monolithic Zirconia - Full Contour 8~10 days Zr w/ Emax Crown 13~15 days
Posterior Layered Zirconia 8~10 days Zr w/ Zirconia Crown 13~15 days
Anterior Layered Zirconia 8~10 days
Ceramic Composite Screw-retained
Composite inlay/onlay 8~10 days Screw-retained Zirconia crown 13~15 days
Composite Anterior Crown 8~10 days Semi-Precious Screw retained crown 13~15 days
Composte fiber reinforced maryland bridge 8~10 days Astra screw retained crown 13~15 days
Straumann UCLA screw retained 13~15 days
Metal Restoration Miscellaneous
E. max Titanium Abutment
Non-Precious 8~10 days Diagnostic Wax-up
Posterior SEMI 8~10 days Rest Design
Anterior SEMI 8~10 days Custom Shade in Lab Schedule an appointment
High Noble 8~10 days Temporary Crown
White High Nobel 8~10 days
Maryland Bridge(1pontic 2 wings) 8~10 days
Full Cast Gold
Gold inlay/onlay 8~10 days
Gold Crown 8~10 days
  • Lab wokingdays do not include weekends or holidays.
  • If you have a rush case, please feel free to call us. There is no additional charge.
  • We are appreciate of all your inquaries.
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