When performing an oral procedure involving implant placement, the utilization of an implant surgical guide becomes imperative. This specialized tool facilitates precise planning and accurate implant placement, ultimately ensuring the creation of a reliable foundation for the patient's dental restoration.

The implant surgical guide is a meticulously customized device designed to seamlessly fit the patient's oral anatomy. Within this guide, specific indicators are incorporated to precisely delineate the optimal implant placement coordinates. These indicators encompass crucial details such as the correct angle, depth, and position for implant insertion. This level of precision empowers the doctor to execute implant placement with the utmost accuracy, guaranteeing a successful and predictable outcome for the patient's dental implant procedure.

Types of Surgical Guide

1. Bone Supported Guide
2. Tooth Supported Guide
3. Tissue Supported Guide

What you need to submit a case:

  • Clean STL scans: upper, lower and bite
  • Full volume CBCT (please zip folder before loading into the hub)

What you will get back from us:

  • Detailed case planning PDF for case approval
  • Once approved, surgical PDF report and STL of a completed surgical guide design

Why Should You Get an Implant Surgical Guide?

  •   Accurate Implant Fit
  •   Long Lasting Implant Results
  •   Improved Function Restoration
  •   Faster Dental Treatment
  •   Reduced Risks
  •   Cost/Benefit Results

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